Alabama, Ground Zero for the Civil Rights Movement: Ku Klux Klan terrorists beat, burn, bomb and murder — with impunity…

While the FBI implants 2,000 “informants“ throughout the KKK.

    One out-of-the-blue day, work-a-day, red, white and blue-as-you-get good ol’ boy Tommy answers a knock at the door.

    The FBI needs his help?  His help?  Tommy’s help?  Tommy who doesn’t even make enough to feed his four kids?  Tommy who runs the milk pasteurizing machines at the dairy?  Tommy who couldn’t pass the Deputy Sheriff trainee test?  The FBI needs that Tommy?

    “Well…  Hell, then.  Shoooooooot.  You got me.”

    And so begins Tommy’s fame.  By the time he rests, he will become the most famous undercover man in the land.  From Washington to Hollywood, people will learn of his courage in risking life and limb to infiltrate and destroy the single-most savage and lethal domestic terrorist organization in the country.

    Tommy’s Fame, his creation, destruction, resurrection, and mysterious demise combine to illuminate the FBI’s darkest enigma — the “informant” program.

    Tommy…  Tommy who?

    Tommy’s Fame is as true a story as can be told or known about a time when nothing known was ever told. 

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