The Edge Agency isn’t what Sebastian does — The Edge Agency is what Sebastian is.  The Edge Agency?  That’s Sebastian’s heart and soul, his life’s love, his rhyme, reason, boon — and bane.

And as love can do, it pretty damn near kills him.  Heart’s all loved out. 

Time to go.

That’s it, then?   A little tastemaking here, some kingcrowning there, then it’s FADE OUT?  Oblivion Productions, Lethe Pictures, Thanatos Entertainment spits out a final Special Thanks?  Now it’s straight to the crate?  That’s it?  That’s what it was all about?  Two hundred phone calls a day for forty years being a, being a, being a…   Being…  And now?  Nothing!?

Sebastian’s no Lear, no Quixote, no damn Willy Loman, no fairytale.  He’s real: real meat, real blood.  He’s got real ideas, real people depend on him, he’s well-liked, well-read, well-spoken, well-respected, well-intentioned and, well, sure everybody’s got to go…  But not now!  Not like this.  Not while he’s on top of the world…  It’s not fair.  It’s not…

Maybe it is.

If only…  If only…  One more bite at the Old Apple, just one more —

What thanks he could show!  What things he could do. 

Sebastian reads somewhere that Death wears that hood to cover a smile.  Why?  Compassion?  Death smiles, eh?  Whadaya know.

Still got breath — a last pitch:  A change of heart?!

A new heart for Sebastian…?  Hmm.  Well, why not, says Death.

But the lucky bastard’s last-wish dream-come-true brand new heart…  comes with a few strings of its very own!

Now he’s yearning to run from life at The Edge…

And learning to dance on life’s blade-thin edge!