Black Ryu Grandmaster Amon tells us:  Ever since the human body stood erect, it seeks a natural state, a purity, an equilibrium.  At the elusive middle of the moment, concentration reigns — absolute unity with purpose and adversary alike.  The eye, the heart, the mind, a singularity in pure harmony with its environs.  The body listens with its very breath, in wait, in oneness…

This is the human body as weapon.  

* * *

Black Ryu’s ancient secrets were first revealed, elegantly etched for eternity, onto the tomb walls of Ramses IV — 800 years before the Greeks appear in the Black Land, 2,000 years before Japan’s First Shogun, Sakanouye Tamura Maro, a black man, appears.

* * *

Amon’s fear:  Loyal son, he cannot dissuade his adoptive father, the Sovereign of the one of the oldest sovereign lands — Khemia, the Black Land — from pursuing a far-sighted, if dangerously naïve vision.  His vision for a “cultural pangea” will celebrate America’s new leader, a son of the slaves who built that great nation. 

The king’s hope: a gift, a rare black diamond, whose billion-years-in-the-making symbolizes eternal truths, will shine the way for other truths long-awaited.  Perhaps, gambits the king, oil, debt, dignity, truth, reconciliation and even history itself might come to know tectonic change!

But, minutes after the king shakes the new president‘s hand, Amon’s nightmare begins.  In a storm of high-energy crazing-lasers, sonic bullet emitters and electromagnetic pulse weapons, ancient hatreds rear their high-tech heads.  The diamond stolen, the king‘s beautiful daughter — Amon’s childhood love — kidnapped, the king, near-fatally wounded, fights for his life under a surgeon’s knife in a government hospital kept secret from the king’s own people...

Amon, now wanted by the president’s men (whom he suspects!), flees to regroup to amass a makeshift band of Black Ryu warriors, trusting a maniac hipster reporter whose movie star girlfriend’s Mulholland Drive digs prove to be the closest thing to a safe house…  While the new president, fearing himself the real target, suspects everyone around him — even the new vice president!


New weapons, old hatreds, bring it on…  Black Ryu: 

The eternal primacy of the human body as weapon… 

Ancient.  Pure.  Power.

Screenplay by Peter Cook.

Based on characters by Jerry Bell & Mario Orsini.

Story by Jerry Bell & Peter Cook.

Jerry Bell, gracing the cover of Inside Karate’s 20th Anniversary issue.